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MORE RESIDENTS WILL OPPOSE IT!" - Say NO to the Casino Civic Association



Say NO to the Casino
Civic Association

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When Casinos Win, We Lose

The adage ‘The house always wins’ is painfully true. All casinos profit and they do so as local businesses suffer as consumer spending is redirected to the shiny slots. Residents lured by the promise of quick riches often end up with empty pockets and mounting debts, leaving the community further behind.

Once Here, Always Here

The decision to introduce a casino is irreversible and its negative influence will extend for generations. From shaping local politics to diverting resources, a casino would be a permanent fixture that could stifle other community-focused, sustainable development such as a new NYU medical center.

Our Economy is Strong

Nassau County has a strong economy with historic low unemployment as well as budget surpluses year-after-year. Rather than a casino, we need to focus on attracting businesses of the future such as life sciences and renewal energy, not get-rich-schemes. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent the development of a casino at the Nassau Coliseum.

At close to 400,000 square feet or the size of 7 football fields, the proposed casino would be the second largest casino in the country! 

We believe such a massive casino complex in the heart of Nassau County will forever change the suburban character of the local communities and cause multiple economic and social harms to the residents of the entire County. 

This is what we believe:


  • INCREASED CRIME: The presence of a casino will encourage criminal activities such as theft, fraud, drug and human trafficking. Approximately 50% of those with gambling problems commit crimes to support their addiction.

  • MORE DWI ACCIDENTS: Tens of thousands of daily casino visitors arriving by car combined with alcohol consumption will lead to more innocent lives lost to DWI accidents.


  • EVEN MORE TRAFFIC: Nassau County is already heavily congested with traffic each and every day - with Roosevelt Field nearby, the Meadowbrook Parkway and surrounding roads will be packed.

  • 23,000+ DAILY VISITORS: With more on the weekends; thousands of additional cars, buses and commercial vehicles that will clog our already crowded roadways!


  • SOCIAL IMPACT: Low-income individuals are particularly vulnerable to gambling addiction, which will lead to a range of social issues like family breakdown, increased debt, and mental health problems.

  • ​​GROWING ADDICTION CRISIS: A growing problem with online sports betting and this massive casino will only make it much worse.

  • RISKS TO OUR YOUNG PEOPLE AND SENIOR CITIZENS: Risk of gambling problems more than doubles for young people in college settings and in communities located within 10 miles of a casino.  Our senior citizens will be targeted as older Americans are now the fastest growing segment of gambling addicts.  

Environmental Injustice

  • INCREASED POLLUTION: Uniondale, Hempstead and New Cassel are already identified as disadvantaged communities with high pollution burdens by New York State.  The second largest casino in the country will further harm these communities.

  • STRAIN OUR WATER SUPPLY:  The massive casino complex would place extraordinary demands on our sole source aquifer-875,000 gallons per day!

  • LIGHT AND NOISE POLLUTION:  The enormous complex will bring light and noise pollution to local residents.  Recent JAMA study linked artificial light at night to eye disease.

  • LOCATION IS JUST WRONG: Placement of a massive casino next to ten of thousands of students is morally wrong due to the inevitable harm it will cause to these students. (Hofstra, Nassau Community, Kellenberg HS) 

Economic Injustice

  • ​INCREASED POVERTY:  Those who can least afford to lose money will most likely to gamble in hopes of a quick financial turnaround, potentially deepening poverty levels in nearby communities.

  • LOCAL BUSINESS DRAIN: The casino will monopolize consumer spending (over $2.0 billion lost annually, none of which will be subject to sales tax hurting County revenues), drawing money away from existing local businesses and contributing to their decline.

Better Options

  • WE HAVE BETTER OPTIONS: Such as a new NYU medical center that will improve lives rather than destroy them!

  • HUB CAN BE A CENTER OF INNOVATION: Nassau Hub can be a center of life sciences and renewable energy innovation with high paying jobs, like the Innovation District proposed by RXR for the Nassau Hub.

Higher Taxes

  • ​MAY INCREASE YOUR TAXES, NOT LOWER THEM:  Spending will increase due to demand for social services for gambling addictions, emergency services for police, fire and medical assistance and prosecution costs due to an increase in criminal activity.

  • 80% OF GAMBLING TAXES GO TO ALBANY:  The tiny percentage that would go to Nassau County will likely not cover the many social costs of a casino especially after the millions of dollars of tax breaks Sands is seeking.

Lower Home Values

  • MAY LOWER YOUR HOME VALUES: Given the many harmful impacts of a casino, lower home values in surrounding communities are likely.

  • WILL INCREASE LVS STOCK PRICE: Las Vegas Sands' senior executives and shareholders will become even richer while Long Islanders become poorer.

Save Our Suburbs!

  • ​WILL FOREVER CHANGE OUR COMMUNITY:  It will result in increases in crime, traffic, addiction, pollution, personal bankruptcies, and worse - these changes will last for generations.

  • LET'S KEEP LONG ISLAND A SPECIAL PLACE: Long Island is a very special place to live and raise a family - we are not Las Vegas or Macao, China - let's fight to keep our quality of life!

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