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New York State Approval Process

As of April 1, 2024, Las Vegas Sands has not yet submitted an application for a gaming facility license and no longer even has a lease on the Nassau Coliseum property -

a mega casino at the Nassau Coliseum was never a "done deal"


See Newsday article on status of approval process - link

  1. Now that the New York State Supreme Court has voided the lease agreement between Las Vegas Sands and the County, if the County Legislature wants to reconsider the lease it will only happen after the completion of an environmental impact study (SEQRA study). And this time the County will be required to follow our Open Meetings Laws so that County residents are fully informed.

  2. SEQRA study will address the many negative impacts on our environment - traffic, air and noise pollution, impact on water supply, waste disposal, public safety considerations including increased risk of DWI fatalities.

  3. Las Vegas Sands needs to file an application after NYS completes the question and answer process of the Request for Applications (RFA).

  4. NYS issued its answers to the first round of questions on August 30, 2023.

  5. The due date for the second round of questions from applicants was October 6, 2023 - to date NYS has not yet issued any responses to the questions.

  6. Needs to obtain approval from a local Community Advisory Committee (CAC) appointed by five elected officials - Governor Kathy Hochul, County Executive Bruce Blakeman, Town of Hempstead Supervisor Donald Clavin, State Senator Kevin Thomas and Assembly Member Edward Ra.  Needs to obtain a vote of 4 or 5 of the CAC members. 

  7. Submits petition to the Town of Hempstead for zoning approval.  Resources:  Las Vegas Sands Environmental Assessment Form to Towin of Hempstead, Site Plan

  8. Needs to obtain rezoning approval from the Town of Hempstead.

  9. Only those casino applicants that have a) obtain approval of their local CAC and b) have zoning approval will be evaluated for a casino license by the NYS Gaming Facility Location Board.

  10. There are at least 10 other casino operators competing for one of the three downstate casino licenses at locations such as Citifield, Times Square, Coney Island, Hudson Yards, Aqueduct and Yonkers.

  11. The three companies selected by the Location Board are subject to final approval by the NYS Gaming Commission.

More information on the approval process can be found at

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