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Reader sounds off on a local Sands Casino - Letter to Editor - NY Daily News

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

July 9 New York Daily News

Don’t let them slip this suburban casino by us

I am writing regarding the potential Sands Casino to be located in Nassau County. As many know, Hofstra University sits geographically adjacent to the proposed casino. The university basically stands alone as an entity with the financial means to not take “community benefit” (payoffs) from the Sands because, presumably, the potential disruption caused by the casino would far outweigh whatever funds the school may have been offered to turn a blind eye.

I encourage the Daily News and its readers to closely follow Hofstra’s lawsuit against Nassau County, which will begin to play out in the coming weeks. The lawsuit documents flagrant violations of process that the administration of County Executive Bruce Blakeman has undertaken to advantage the Sands in seeking to obtain a lease on the property.

The lawsuit’s allegations read like an episode of “The Sopranos.” For example, the county was required to provide public notice regarding open proceedings to gather community input regarding the casino and its impact on the community. The lawsuit alleges that the county repeatedly posted notice of such proceedings on short notice and listing the wrong year on the calendar (2022 instead of 2023) and without mention of “casino”, “hub” or “Sands” in the agenda. And there is so much more.

Whether readers are inclined to support the casino or not, all should be aware of what may be happening under our noses. It sure doesn’t smell good! Mike McKeever

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